Vbabeyz: My Comments

Vbabeyz: My Comments: "I designed this page to comment on things that I ever wanted to do. ....vbabeyzic A universal password???????? I imagined about this co..."

I thought about loosing a very close one because of low signal.But I can't blame my web sponsor. It is my destiny. When such things happen I just feel that the god is testing me. And at the same time I feel that there are no gods. If there are gods, they will come and help me to live not to survive.

There is literally difference between living and surviving.
Ironically god is being mocked by me. I know gods have left the earth a long time ago. I guess it is after the scientists started research.

They can create anything and they can destroy anything. But they are weak at some points. They can't control the nature.
But always I hate this system and I can't bear injustice. So I always say "Fuck the System"

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