I am working on programming

Programming has become a serial killer to me. Because, now I feel that I am going to get addicted to this thing.
I am still an amateur programmer and I am trying to cover the theory parts(basic ones) as quickly as possible.I am working on that. I blogged about a simple idea about a simple virus. And its much more like a spam.
Zaaki read my blog and he had done the coding and he has already created the virus. He has already created its basic thing. I just came up with this idea and I never thought that this will be a great idea that inspires me and few people around me.

I am still studying the function part in C and I am still working hard to catch Zaaki's tail. Zaaki is few chapters ahead me. And I think he is the best partner for the programming purpose and also he is a true humble friend.
I think I must do coding now and simultaneously I will be blogging....

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