I feel better now

I am feeling great because these days, I am spending my time with people I love. I make new things and I always try to communicate with the friends and share ideas. That is why I created this blog and I post what I feel and what I think I should share with the people.

I like to do more programming than any graphical works. And I am working on the programming stuff these days. I study C language and I try to code the things I mentioned you in my blog. And the spam virus is almost done. One of my programming partners has done it. And he is few steps ahead me. And I am working on it. And I think about java as an amateur programmer. And I am going to study it next week after doing some homework in C. I like to create things and I want to be a good dreamer. I like to write what I feel. That is why, I am blogging. And I don't like to be a man admires himself. And I always want to be a good learner with any stuff  I find in front of me. I will be coding some minor programs today....

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