I found some people

I found some people who are really act like assholes. Yesterday morning I met them. These people belong to a clan, a certain clan created to the benefit of that kind. And I don't think it is the best way of living. I feel that we have a responsibility about every single living thing on this earth. Because we share the same breath and we need each other to survive. But I feel that the earth is going to be destroyed soon. I feel that the earth is also thinking the same that I am thinking. Because the human race has begun to fight each other for their own advantages.

People think that the life is like a joke. Because these people kill anyone for money and for food. I cannot understand why these people doing this. They just think about themselves and they just creates benefit for themselves over thousands of death bodies. And I have felt theses things all the time when I am moving with some people. When we try to create something the masterminds come and just mock us. They think that they can only do things. People think about the things they achieved so proudly. But the same day I met great people who have achieved more than those assholes, I am talking about. I am very glad that some great persons are still alive on this planet and they are my friends. Most of the people praise people only to mock and a few praise from the bottom of the heart. And I am glad that I have seen these kinds in my daily life and it is a great experience that I can shake hand and say hi! to such people.

I always think about what we are. We are capable of creating something and I think I can also create something of my own. And I am trying to create few things in these days and I will blog about them if I succeeded...

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