The mobile access via a sms

When woke up early in the morning this thing  came into my memory. Think for an instance, if we send a text message to a wrong number by mistake, what would can happen. If it is very personal, that person can use it and  blackmail us. To prevent this I came up with this idea.

We know the receivers number, then we must find the text we sent. Think we have no direct access to that certain text message. What we can do?

If we can create a program to delete texts and send that simple virus to that certain phone number. We can delete his all text messages. It means we are gaining the access to the "delete all messages"  command of that phone. For this purpose you must know suitable coding for the commonly used brands of phones.

And if you know the sending ID of the message (I don't know much about this mechanism) and the receivers  receiver's ID via a hacking process you can delete the certain file. Oh! its complicated...It just came into my mind. And the simplest way is that the time the text is delivered. You can know that very simply. You can use it as a clear and very suitable clue to delete only the certain message.

Then you can send the program you created to that phone number. The receiver will do the rest for us.<br />
This is something which came to my mind...And I am putting it to my coding library...for future coding...Because I am still an amateur programmer...

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