Vbabeyz: Programming

Vbabeyz: Programming: "I am an amateur programmer..I want to know things from you..."

Today I checked the programming stuff on file handling. I realized that when I can open a file using see, in the same way I can open another file containing the same file. It means if I can create a loop for this action, it will work like a spam. If you can open a file with much bigger capacity, when the loop is in action, simultaneously the space in you hard disk will be reduced by and by. I think if I can develop this concept and add more options. It will be a devastating thing. I don't think this is an invention because this is the first think that came into my mind as an amateur programmer. I am still wandering in this programming world. And I think I am learning things quickly.

And I am really happy with the way I am working in the programming field. This is really fun if you can create great things to this world for the benefit of the next generation. And I am still studying the basic concepts of programming.

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