University ///////

The life has again started to run after having one year vacation. I am going to run again. My legs are already tired and weak. I will have to bear things and I will have to work hard to get a good job.
That is what we all expect from ourselves. We want to do whatever we want. It is natural. We expect to earn money because it can make us what we really want to be. But really could that happen and can we live happily.
I doubt that....I still don't get what is the role of me. I am born or created for what???

I just born and I need to know why is that??? My religion is Buddhism and I have faith on it. And also I believe science and I believe in Einstein and Sir Arthur C. Clark. I dream things and I feel that everybody is born for something or some reason... I want to find that? Who am I??? I am not simply Vibhatha Lakmal Abeykoon, it is just an identification. I need to know what am I??? What I am capable of??? What is the reason I choose to born in earth,except thousands of planets in the universe which supports the life.

I need to know the answers. I feel that I can play guitar and I can be a programmer. I know the thing is the brain concentrated on finger tips. Beneath them there is always guitar string or keyboard keys. And I need to work for it...And I will be blogging...

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