Vbabeyz: My Comments

Vbabey: My Comments:

I am thinking about the life I am living. Sometimes I feel it is great. But mostly I feel that this has no meaning. Why are we living??? It is because we were born for some reason. Really we need to find the meaning of ourselves. Otherwise there is no meaning in our life. What I feel that I want to be free, the way I am still living is not free. I want my freedom. I want to walk whenever I need it. I want to cry whenever I need. And I want to live freely. I want to feel the cold breeze and the warmth of the sun. I want to breathe. But someone has put us in a prison, so that we got to do what the authority says us. This is really embarrassing. I am waiting the day. When I can walk and breath freely. That is why I am surviving to live a single moment....

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