Don't let them go...

You will forget some people who were always with you when you get together in many places. Have your ever felt that they are expecting your association in many places in many moments. If you have ever betrayed your friends in anyway what might occur...

You can make mistakes. But everlasting mistakes can you make????
When your friends share each breath you make when you are with them, why can't you do it once. If you are a true friend, can't you do that.

Friendship is something deep than love. Love is the prior feeling to sex. Sex is what you want and what you ask for is "I want your love...I love you...will you marry me" , instead of saying I wanna have sex with you someone would say I love you. Love is a feeling for sex. Have you ever felt love for a physically or mentally handicapped one? I guess the answer may be no from  most of the people who read this. So finally we can conclude that love is something occur because of attraction for sex.

I was telling you not about love but about friendship. Think how many hours do you spend with your parents, how many with your life-companion, how many with your children, how many hours with work and how many hours with friends.

I guess you may get a higher value for the time you spend with work and friends. But from those two what is the thing you would like most, it is the time you spend with your friends. When a problem occurs in family you go to your friends. When your wife cannot involve in the problems you go to your intimates.
What would happen if you betray one of your intimates. You will have a lot of problems and it would create an excess pressure on brain. It can be a simple little thing which can be negligible, but you must think carefully and make decisions very carefully. If not you are hurting our friends . If you dump one friend, one true friend for some ugly reason and if you think that I have many others to share things, you are wrong. Because one day you would be a victim of some other friend who does the same. Everyone we meet in our life is important to us in any moment. I would not say get along with everyone, but people who can be readable and executable. That is the main cause of our life keep relationships and improve them. That is what nature expect from us.

I am repeating this thing again the most joyful time you spend is the time you spend with your friends.
Think if you betrayed one of your friend, you would lose the best time of your life. 

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