At the End of the Day

I am gonna start the first day with Awesome ,Ooopz then Wow and finally Oh God!. I will tell you why I used these words. First of all I gotta say the first day was awesome. Because I learned today the reason why the private sector is so successful than the public sector in Sri Lanka. Private sector is a well organized system based on the optimum use of resources and maximum use of human labor. And I still know very less about payments and I don't need that in this case because I came to learn something. Awesome was used because it was really awesome to be there and it was a really nice place and each and everything is well organized at my training place and I am not going to tell where because it is sort of marketing.

And Ooopz it was because, I saw some pretty ladies inside. It was Cool. :P. And sometimes it was more than Cool :P.

And we saw a fine crew and new technology was used in the designing and architecture procedure. And also all the tasks were divided to small sections. I saw the factor division of labor in the premisses. And Wow! the way the things arranged was pretty cool and it was superb.

And finally we came out at 1730 hours after a 8.5 hours of work. And we took a decision to walk to our boarding place with two more idiots. Here we are we walked about 3.5 km. Hell no my legs have worn out. My shoes filled with dust. Oh God what a crazy thing we did. Anyway we had fun today some "Kadala" on the way and some "koththu" by the way. Here I am at the boarding place blogging after the first day in the training place.

Feeling Awesome. 

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