First Day In the Training

To day is the first day I in the training life offered by the university for us for the first time in our university life.
It is a special day, it is really the first day of work in an office for the first time in my life and it is as an engineering student. In this case I cannot be defined as a good engineering student because I have a lot to learn and things I should have done years ago are still recorded as unsolved or unknown in the archives of my mind. I need to break free and start a new life. Blogging is a cool thing and this is a very special moment that I need to write somewhere on the cyberspace.

In this training I don't know exactly which will be the target fields of study and I only know that it is all about coding. I don't have an experience of coding as a worker for someone and I did it in the past few years for my self. It is really making something of your own and it is cool and I am not aware of standards used in the software development and software engineering. I think I gotta learn a lot in these days. I am fond of learning something unknown and it has to be cool and mind blowing and here I am I got the job I was waiting for. I am blogging not to show someone. But I would like to free my thought via the finger tips to the cyberspace so I would be able to preserve my work so I can go on the internet and search for my blog and see things I have written on the walls of the blogger.

It is a good day and unfortunately it is the end of the December and it is 30th. That is the worst case scenario of having a job in the last few days of a year. I don't know how the office will respond to me...
I am accompanied by two other friends of my university and one from my private boarding house in the university. Gotta run! We discussed to meet at 8 O' Clock and it is 7' O Clock and I think its time to buckle up. Let's Roll. :D

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