I am on the Desk

Nice day with a fresh start of last day hard work. I started work today. I gotta install Visual Studio 2010 instead of 2012 which is running on my laptop. In my working place they are working with VS 2010 Ultimate so I gotta change the way of coding.

I got my seat today it is comfortable and beside me there are programmers and developers. I am blogging until I receive the software package with SQL. I was asked to create some interfaces and some calculations on cutting and related management application and this is going to be the second business application that I have been working on. I am in the front office sitting on my chair and people around me getting busy.

I am waiting for the next event and still I could not clear the registration procedure from the HR department because in the last few days a year the companies get busy and we cannot blame them or anything because they cannot pay 100% attention to us when they have to finalize everything on the last day and today is the last working day for this year. I am blogging and waiting for the next instruction. :D

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