Life asks the question from myself?

Life is always a quest. We need to find answers ourselves....

Life is always a mystery that neither you nor me can understand quite easily. It takes time and it takes a lot of understanding to gather all the information from the nature and from yourself. More than anything understanding yourself is the toughest thing that you can do. I can say I love someone so much and more than myself I love that person, in the mean time ask from yourself, how can you love someone like that.

The answer is no. What we do is always we are doing to satisfy ourselves. It is the fact that we do things for the well being of the others and in the same time ask from yourself why are you doing that? Think for an instance that you saw someone really needs help and you are happy to help that person. You do that because it is a good thing and that person needs help and in the meantime by doing that it pleases you. In the meantime think for an instance another person asks for help, and he ask for anybody to kill him. This is also a help and most of you will hesitate to do that. And why is that. And still it is a help for that person. But why  is a reluctance for helping that person.

It is the fact that we don't want to do that because we don't like doing it. Because it doesn't please you. That is the eternal truth. Think for an instance the same man asking for help comes to kill you, instantly you try to avoid him or you try to run away or you may also try to kill him to prevent you being killed. Why is the difference of action for different things. Behind every fact it is clear that there is always one fact in common. And it is the term me and it is me. No matter it is impermanence we would try to do it to please ourselves.

The fact that the real situations and the real moments of the life are not real. It is a set of dislikes and likes of your own mind. The scenarios are created by the dislikes and likes of persons. The dislikes of someone may be likes of some other set of people. The fact that the existence of a community is based on this factor. The satisfaction of human thoughts would be a far more complex thing.

As explained earlier we always try to satisfy the self loving mind and it is the fact that before doing something else for others we would love to do it for ourselves. Think for an instance there are 20 people allocated for a work and only 5 is there to do the job. The clear fact is that there can only be 25% successful result in the job at the end of the day. But the mathematical calculation can be proved wrong if each person would like to work 4 times they work and the math will add up to 20 humans by evaluation of work. Why 5 persons like to do that job? And how will the 5 works the way that 20 must have worked? The important fact is that the like or dislike happens due to a reason. The reason is that there exist a selfishness to stay without working and there is a selfish feeling to do the job by 5 men. There is always two sides of the puzzle. If the 5 persons can complete only their part in the job there won't be any blame for the others for not attending and even if there is a blame for not completing the job.  Why 5 persons complete it?

The likeness to do the job which is owned by the 5 and the dis-likeness of 15 persons to not do the job is two things. There is always the selfishness in the equation. The selfishness of 15 is more than that of the 5 persons who likes to do the job. Because the 5 persons like to do their job plus the job of the other 15. There is the selfishness. Even though the 5 needs only to get the job done there is still doing someone else's work to complete the job.

Think this as the same way, if you want to understand the truth in the life.There are 20 persons need to do that and there is only 5 who would like do it by themselves and there is 15 who would like the others to do it for them. Unlike the other instance this time it cannot be done. But understand the earlier time the fact that task was completed was true, but actually 15 didn't participate and they didn't work. And there is the guilt.

The selfish nature of human beings carry them to two different ends of the life. One end there is always someone can help you to go through all the problems and in the meantime the other end is associated with a great problem that there is only one savior and it is you.

When the day comes that the savior for you is yourself the selfishness will be gone a beautiful mind will be created. Then there won't be any likes or dislikes. There will only be some series of incidents which doesn't harm nor doesn't do any good for anyone. This is the instance which brings the light to ourselves. This is the exact moment everybody seeks to live. It is the eternal bliss of life....

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