Mathematics is a quest for me....

This always come into my mind why we have mistaken a lot of things in our life. Generally we used to say if we didn't do that thing in that particular day, we may not have expected this kind of a bad result as far as today or the present is concerned. Every incident takes place in the universe is related to each an every incident. The birth of you and me was not a random incident, it was decided and it happened due to a series of incidents. Why I was born to the mother and father that I have now. But why you was not there instead of me. Every thing happens due to a reason and it is the fact that quantum mechanics says, it exists only a possibility curve of happening incidents. We are doing an approximation, assuming some facts, only because it is hard to calculate each and every variable affecting one instance. The throw of a dice is predictable according to Sir Albert Einstein, because if we can calculate the speed of the thrown dice, speed of the wind, the speed of rotation are calculated relative to its location, the fall of the dice can be predicted. But the quantum mechanics and mathematics says it has only a probable curve of happening. I think it is the weakness that we have to calculate all the variables regarding one instance.

A person might die on the road by hitting a bus, due to a mistake by the bus driver loosing his concentration. Think a person drops his tea cup on someone's body, and that particular person attacks that person and throw him to the pavement, and a near by pedestrian hit by that person and a ball is hand bounce away from him to the road, and a poor bicycle rider get hit by that instant action and he falls on the road and the bus moving near by brings the end to that poor cyclist. This is a chain reaction and everything is related to each other. Each an every action we take affects the universe more vastly than we think.

The fact that our conscience has to be 100% concentrated to minimize or avoid such happenings. But no one can calculate each and every variable and function properly. It is all about the calculations and mathematics which brings us the accurate answer. What if the fundamentals are wrong and what if the origin of mathematics is so different and so complex than we think ever....

Think about addition (+), 8+2 = 10, this is a simple result. Actually what we did was adding ones 10 times. This is the simplest explanation for the above arithmetic operation. What if it is wrong? We never questioned the first principles.

Think 8 x 5 =40, a simple problem. What is multiplication. Can you multiply 123456777 x 5657576576 that simple? If you can, you are brilliant and I have seen such a person in my life. So human capabilities are unquestionable and unlimited. So why everybody can't do that math. Multiplication is descending from addition. That is how I see it. And what if it is true. Think to multiply 8 by 5, we can easily do this; add 8 into 8, 5 times. 8+8 =16, 16+8=24... 32+8=40. And we did it for five times. So simply multiplication means addition of numbers repeatedly. Or you can add 5 into 5, 8 times. This is how I see multiplication. Is this true for decimal numbers. How can we write 5.3 x 4.2?  Can we write 5.3 , 4.2 times. What does it mean by 4.2 times. It means we have to write it 4 times and in the fifth time we have to add a portion of it. It means, 1/5 of 5.3.

5.3 + 5.3 + 5.3 + 5.3  = 21.2  ==> 5.3 /5 = 1.06 ==>  21.2+1.06=22.26

Actually 5.3 x 4.2 = 22.26 ==> the logic stands. But what is division actually? Because I used division which is not supposed to be a primary arithmetic operator in accordance with my logic. I am not saying I am correct. But this is merely a quest.

Think about division. Divide 21/3 = 7, it is obvious. But think about subtraction or negativity.
Subtract 3 from 21 continuously seven times, you get the answer zero. The answer is 7 we all know about it.

21-3 = 18 ==> 1
18-3 = 15 ==>2
15-3 = 12 ==>3
12-3 = 9   ==>4
 9- 3 = 6   ==>5
 6- 3 = 3   ==>6
 3- 3 = 0   ==>7

At the seventh iteration we get the zero. I suggest the division is descending from subtraction. And think about a indivisible number like 16/5 giving no integer value unlike the first instance. It doesn't work that way.

16 - 5 = 11 ==>1
11 - 5 = 6   ==>2
 6 - 5  = 1  ==>3
 1 - 5  = -4 ==>4 ?????

it doesn't work that way. We can never get a zero in that iteration and never we will. And at the iteration 3;
the remainder is lesser than the divisor ( if my English is correct, I am talking about 5<1).  As 5<1, we need to make 1 greater than 5, but how. As we divide, we place a zero at the end, and we place a zero here too.
1 concatenate 0 ( in speaking as a programmer)... :P now it is 10...

10-5 = 5 ==> 1
5-5   = 0 ==> 2 and we have a winner. And it took 2 iterations after placing a zero. It means it is a value with one decimal place with the value 2. so it is 0.2

And the final answer is 3+0.2 = 3.2 and it is the answer that we expect. I am suggesting that the division and multiplication are prevailing from + and - and furthermore.

And 1/0; in my explanation, you can keep subtracting forever. There will be no iteration providing 0 to this. So it is not possible and such a value cannot be defined... This is my thought...

Think +1 = +1 x +1 ; and +1 = -1 x -1 ... but can you make -1 out of +1 ... and the answer is that you can never do it.

+1 can only be created by -1 and - means the origin of addition or +. And what was multiplication as I earlier explained. adding -1 to itself -1 times. But what is -1 times??????

You can't say I did it -10 times. It means what? What  do you mean by -10? And what is being minus and what do you feel being negative and it is merely an embarrassment. I still don't know what is negative and where it exist. As same as i  in complex analysis. I am just asking questions and I am not proving myself as a mastermind. I am thirsty of searching the truth. Can anyone give me some answers. I am exploring things by myself.

Mathematics you are so beautiful and so hard to understand your origin. But all of us know it works. But how? I am asking my self. Mathematics is a quest for me always...

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